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Q. Do I have to be certified to have my students sit for the CCBMA examination?

A. No. It is not a requirement that you be certified.

Q. Proof of competency for injections and/or venipuncture is required for clinical certification. Do the 10 "sticks" for IM, SubQ and ID have to be "real sticks" or can they be done on a mannequin arm?

A. The Medical Board of California has determined that the training for injections and phlebotomy may be performed on mannequins, but should include live sticks.

Q. How can my school be a test site for the CCBMA?

A. Please contact the CCBMA office for details on this.

Q. Can I find out my student's scores?

A. No, this is confidential. Upon request, CCBMA will provide a report listing your students' pass/fail status. You will need to provide a list of the students' names that you would like the results for. The reason for this is that your students may have registered for the exam as employed and not listed your school. This report does not include student names.

Q. Can I reproduce the applications and Study Outline for my students?

A. Yes. Just please be sure that the copy is the most recent and that it has the correct application fee. 

Q. How can I keep up-to-date on changes in medical assisting?

A. The California Medical Assistants Association (CMAA) is very active in tracking legislation affecting California Medical Assistants. This information is passed along to members in the bi-monthly publication "The California Medical Assistant". CMAA membership dues are tax deductible. Membership applications are available on CMAA's web site ( or you can call CMAA Headquarters toll-free (888) 464-2622.

Q. How do I contact the CCBMA?

CCBMA P.O. Box 462
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Please note that effective immediately, letters of completion will no longer be accepted in lieu of a Certificate of Completion.

In order to avoid any future confusion and ensure that CCBMA is in compliance with Professional and Health Codes set forth by the Medical Board of California, all applicants must meet the Eligibility Requirements as outlined on page 2 of the Application for California Certified Medical Assistant Examination.

There will be no exceptions to this policy.